Spares Modelling

When you know the obsolescence health of your projects and
equipment, you need to understand the obsolescence risk

Spares Modelling

Once TLS has helped a customer understand the current obsolescence health of projects and equipment, the next step is to turn this data into ACTUAL obsolescence risk.

This means that if a part is obsolete, we conduct an analysis to understand what impact it has on supporting a product through life.

Clearly, if a part is obsolete and there is sufficient stock to last the life of a product, and the failure rate may be low, this is classified as LOW obsolescence risk.

If a part is obsolete that is critical to a system, stock is low, sources of supply are difficult to find and it has a high failure rate, the obsolescence risk is HIGH and the mitigation of such risk is vital to the continued capability of a product or equipment.

TLS has expertise and experience of performing this type of analysis, understanding obsolescence risk and providing reports and recommendations to mitigate this risk.

This task will be completed using the TLS Spares Prediction Model

This task can follow the steps below:

Assessment of current spares

  • Analysis of Customer databases
  • Physical audit (if required) to validate inventory data

Failure analysis data reviewed and any actions defined then compared to actual consumption rates and deviances reported.
Stock levels compared to consumption rates and modelled to provide predictive data on potential issues for early mitigation proposals

Spares Modelling

Consolidated Provisioning Recommendation

A Report on recommend provisioning to maintain stock levels until equipment out of service date.

  • Using stock data from Customer vs arising rates vs failure information (where known) vs Turnaround Times – predict stock levels to support equipment to out of service date.
  • Report on recommended provisioning to maintain equipment.
  • Provisioning Report consolidated against obsolescence status.
  • Recommendations made accordingly

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