Counterfeit Awareness
Training & Support

Through Life Support Limited provides specialist Counterfeit
Avoidance training, advice and continued support.

Counterfeit Awareness Training

There is clear evidence that there is a significant and increasing volume of counterfeit electronic parts entering the supply chain, posing significant performance, reliability, and safety risks.

TLS provides both training and advice explaining the processes and methods to mitigate the risks of receiving and installing counterfeit electronic parts.

Counterfeit Avoidance Awareness Training

This training will be in the form of Counterfeit Avoidance Awareness Sessions.  The sessions are designed to be an introduction to the risk of counterfeit parts entering the supply chain and what standards are available to help minimise the risk. The sessions follow the agenda below which can be tailored to meet customer requirements.

  • Introduction to Counterfeit Risk
  • What drives Counterfeiters?
  • What help is there in mitigating the risk?
  • Standards and documentation
  • AS5553A what is it – a high level review of key aspects
  • What is a Counterfeit Parts Control Plan?
  • How to test parts for counterfeiting
  • What help is there?

Counterfeit Avoidance Advice & Support

TLS can provide support at the request of the Customer. This support can help a customer understand the threat from counterfeits entering their supply chain and what practical steps can be implemented to reduce the risk.

  • Advice on current processes and compliance against AS5553 and other relevant Counterfeit Avoidance standards.
  • Notification and advice on any amendments to relevant Counterfeit Avoidance standards and the impact that any updates will have on to the Customer’s processes.

Obsolescence Status Of
Counterfeit Components

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