Obsolescence Risk

Understanding, analysing and mitigating Obsolescence Risk is crucial to Pro-Active Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence Risk

Understanding Obsolescence Risk from the Status and Predicted Health of your Parts and Components

TLS firmly believe that the only effective way to be pro-active in the discipline of Obsolescence Management is to understand obsolescence risk.

A key input into the obsolescence risk process is to analyse the obsolescence maturity of the parts, components and other types of commodities that a customer uses to design, manufacture and support their products.

This includes electronic and electrical parts, mechanical items, software, adhesives, chemicals and “COTS” items whether parts or assemblies.

If performed effectively, obsolescence risk can be reported at piece part, assembly, system or at project level.

TLS will announce, soon, an exciting development in this area.

TLS Obsolescence Status & Monitoring Capability

TLS will soon be announcing an exciting development in out obsolescence status, monitoring and risk assessment capability that will complement our existing pro-active Obsolescence Management services.

More information will appear here very soon.