OM Tools

The use of an OM Tool / Service is an important element.

OM Management Tool / Service

The use of an Obsolescence Management Tool / Service is an important element of understanding current and future obsolescence risk and could be incorporated in a proactive OM strategy.

TLS delivers an obsolescence analysis, mitigation and resolution service for your equipment. It is a cost-effective, customisable Obsolescence Management Service to help manage parts to minimise the obsolescence impact on equipment.

TLS can manage any assembly or component type. The service covers all parts including electronic, electrical, mechanical, material and COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) assemblies.

TLS can provide:

  • Bill of Material identification and generation
  • Part Cleansing Support (identifying and resolving unidentified part numbers, manufacturers etc.).
  • Access to real-time obsolescence status of Bills of Material.
  • Case Management:
    • Ability to manage a ‘Case’ for each obsolescence issue and to manage issues and concerns from identification through to resolution.
  • Sharing of obsolescence issues and resolutions and to understand commonality across projects/equipment.
  • Obsolescence Risk Analysis:
    • Ability to use inventory levels, consumption, and failure rates etc. to fully understand impact of obsolescence. If an item is obsolete, it may not have any impact if there is sufficient stock to last the lifetime of a project / product.
  • Reporting:
    • Full reporting which can be customised for a Customer’s requirements. It includes, but is not limited to:
      • ‘Where Used’ reports
      • Status Reports
      • Risk Assessments
      • Case Reporting
      • Cost Avoidance
Through Life Support Obsolescence Management

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