Obsolescence Management Specialists

Welcome to Through Life Support
The specialists in all aspects of Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence Management Specialists

Welcome to Through Life Support – the specialists in all aspects of Obsolescence Management, including effective planning and comprehensive training.

With over sixty years of experience providing solutions to the Ministry of Defence and many of the UK’s largest companies, we’re confident we can help you to manage risk and develop a detailed roadmap to ensure you don’t find yourself in a situation where obsolescence is hindering your ability to operate efficiently.

Obsolescence is often thought of at component level, and the lifecycle of electronics is commonly perceived to be shorter than mechanical assemblies or machined parts. You could however find yourself needing to retire specialised tools or manufacturing equipment simply due to a necessary lubricant being unavailable or the software running your closed system refusing to integrate with newer technology – in fact if you look around you’ll find the majority of your operations face a risk of obsolescence, but taking a reactive approach is often the least cost-efficient way of moving forward.

Talk to Through Life Support Ltd and we can provide all the support you require to set up and deliver a complete Obsolescence Management framework comprising of Policy, Plans, Processes, Tools and contractual guidance which is complemented by comprehensive training programs. This will enable you to adopt a proactive stance, introducing a system of processes that will help you to effectively manage your assets – from micro-electronics and consumables to manufacturing software or military hardware. With an Obsolescence Management framework in place and tailored Obsolescence Management Training for your systems managers to reinforce it, you will see a dramatic shift in the way your organisation factors in obsolescence, reducing the need for reactive expenditure and extending the lifecycle of the equipment you rely on.

With the pressures imposed by today’s less than buoyant economy it’s essential that you manage risk and utilise your available resources as effectively as possible. Discover the huge cost-savings that can accompany an Obsolescence Management Plan within an effective Obsolescence Management Framework, talk to Through Life Support today and we’ll be happy to discuss your organisation with you.

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