Obsolescence Management vs Planned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence has been in the news recently. The phrase “Planned Obsolescence” is widely attributed to an American industrial designer called Brooks Stevens way back in 1954, so as a concept, it has been around for many years, but perhaps not recognised as such.

A notable quotation from Aldous Huxley’s novel “Island” (published in 1962) is:

Armaments, universal debt, and planned obsolescence—those are the three pillars of Western prosperity

Whilst not wishing to debate the entirety of his observation, I believe at least one of his pillars, (planned obsolescence) isn’t too far off the mark, (I’ll leave it to the reader to decide on the others!).

We appear to have accepted that we’re okay with replacing a product, not because it no longer works, but because there is either a newer version on the market, or that the manufacturer will no longer support the product we bought a few years earlier.

No one knows more about a product life cycle than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This creates a position of information asymmetry where the OEM is in a far more informed position than that of the product buyer or end-user.

Most would agree that obsolescence is an inevitability, however the more informed we become, the better we can make product acquisition decisions on true whole life costs, and on how we manage our in-service assets and systems.

Obsolescence Management is the discipline of identifying obsolescence risk and in mitigating or resolving to reduce or negate the impact of that risk to your assets and systems.

The Obsolescence Management Academy are an industry leading training provider and are proud to announce the dates of their next Obsolescence Management Training courses:

Three Day Practitioner Course:

  • 19th to 21st March 2018, Bristol, UK
  • 10th to 12th September 2018, Bristol, UK

This course is designed to provide the delegate with an in-depth knowledge of Obsolescence Management.

It is for those who are about to embark on an Obsolescence Management strategy, or those who require more detailed information on what an Obsolescence Manager needs to know and what duties they should be performing.

IIOM Certificate in Obsolescence Management at AIIOM (Associate) Grade

  • 19th to 22nd March 2018, Bristol, UK
  • 10th to 13th September 2018, Bristol, UK

The International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) Certificate training course is based upon the IIOM Framework which provides the context for education, training and experience requirements at each grade of IIOM membership. This 4-day IIOM authorised course is designed for those who are looking to attain Associate IIOM (AIIOM) level.

Please visit our website at https://obsolescencemanagementacademy.com/training-courses/ for more information on each of the courses and how to book.

Paul Mahoney

TLS Operations Director

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