TLS Ltd announces the launch of the Obsolescence Management Academy (OMA)

TLS has been a leading training provider in Obsolescence Management (OM) for over 5 years and has trained hundreds of people from across 13 countries.  The OMA is a platform to bring together all the OM training courses provided by TLS.

The aim of the OMA is to:

  • Provide education and awareness in the Obsolescence Management discipline
  • Train and prepare people for IIOM Certificate and IIOM Diploma examinations
  • Develop knowledge and skill to allow individuals and organisations to improve performance

The OMA will also provide a platform for the development and delivery of the very first IIOM Certificate training courses and will help those delegates who wish to embark upon the IIOM Continual Professional Development scheme.

The OMA is the very first IIOM Endorsed Trainer, allowing us to provide the relevant IIOM accredited training courses.  This will initially be at IIOM Certificate grade and the IIOM Diploma is planned for next year.

This is the first scheme that has been developed to allow Obsolescence Management practitioners to be able to demonstrate a level of experience and competence in the OM discipline.  The OMA is delighted to help those who wish to go through this process.

The OMA will continue to provide OM training worldwide.

To attain an Associate Membership grade of IIOM (AIIOM), an individual member of IIOM will need to have passed an IIOM Certificate course and achieved a certain level of experience.  The OMA will assist individuals through that process.

A brand new web site has been developed and can be found here.

The very first IIOM Certificate Training Course is being held 30th October to 2nd November 2017 in Bristol, UK.  On line registration process can also be found on the OMA web site.

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