What Is Obsolescence Management?

Although electronics are most likely to be discontinued, obsolescence management of non-electronic and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items also poses a significant problem to long life systems. In short, obsolescence is a threat to system supportability. It will not go away. It has been shown that the annual growth of End of Life documents, where manufacturers declare a part obsolete, increases significantly year on year by as much as 25%.

Obsolescence in long life projects and equipment is inevitable. Unforeseen obsolescence issues can happen quickly and could cost a significant amount of unplanned money to resolve and can have the impact of:

  • Loss of equipment capability
  • Significant increase in support costs through life

The only way to mitigate the obsolescence risk, is by implementing a proactive Obsolescence Management capability. There is clear evidence that a robust Obsolescence Management capability can significantly reduce the obsolescence impact on through life costs.

We provide all the support required to set up, deliver and implement an Obsolescence Management framework comprising of policy, plans, processes, tools and contractual guidance which is
complemented by comprehensive training programs.

Obsolescence Management Framework

Part Obsolescence Management

TLS firmly believe that the only effective way to be pro-active in the practice of Obsolescence Management is to use a high performing software solution.

Obsolescence Cost Prediction

Identifying the cost of resolving known issues and identifying future costs and budgets required to mitigate future obsolescence is now a critical part of the Management of Obsolescence.

Obsolescence Management Training

TLS is committed to developing and delivering education and best practice in Obsolescence Management across multiple sectors.

Implementing Plans And Processes

Through Life Support Limited can support your efforts in developing and implementing a new, or improving an existing, Obsolescence Management capability for your organisation.

TLS are pleased to formally announce our Obsolescence Cost Prediction Service.

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Obsolescence Management Academy

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